S/w Customisation Policy

Customisation by definition is bringing existing software features closer to the specifications a user is interested in and not creating new software features to match user’s specifications. 

We have been in the industry for over two decades providing software solutions exclusively to schools and unlike other vendors we do not charge extra for minor or even major customisations unless it comes under the perview of a client specific requirement having a major impact or change in the system. 

Only suggestions and requirements which are considered as value addition to the software can be incorporated at the sole discretion of the company.  All support related or minor customisation requirements are fullfilled on priority.  But all major customisation requirements are forwarded to the core technical team for further development with the timelines decided in the technical team meetings; which can be altered only in a contingency situation as decided by the top management.

Our cloud based software solution being under the S-A-A-S (Software-As-A-Service) model gives the schools an environment to pay for the independence and peace of mind to work themselves with flexibility to adapt as per the need of the hour.  The software has been made flexible and configurable to suit the needs and requirements of the end users and we always value suggestions and requirements from our customers and that’s what made us successful over 20 years.